pairing 101

  • FOOD!!!
    We can't live without it! From Cheesesteaks to Stromboli, Ho Fun to Moo Shu, Barbacoa to Quesadilla, Apple Pie to Blueberry Crisp, Fried Chicken to Pork Loin...we LOVE food!
  • BEER!!!
    Could we live without it? Welllllll...I suppose. But luckily we don't have to! If you're a micro brew afficianado, then you know that some beers are better sipped slowly, while others need to be served at a certain temperature. Some need to "breathe", and others are best on nitrogen. What you may not know if that certain foods bring out some of the hidden flavors of micro brews. For example... would you have guessed that Ommegang's Scythe & Sickle goes perfectly with Beef Ho Fun? Learn more, here, about "perfect pairings" and wow your friends at your next gathering!